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Assisted Changes

Assisted Changes helps people relax into the changes that are occurring in their life with ease. Led by Stefanie, who knows first hand how difficult it can be to let go and allow things to unfold as they should, she brings compassion and sensitivity to her healing sessions. She is bilingual in English and Spanish.

Stefanie is an intuitive healer that communicates with bodies and the subtle energies surrounding it. Her experience as a healer has taught her that when these subtle energies are ignored they turn into pain. Whether it is physical, mental, or emotional pain it is all felt by the body. Once it turns into pain you are left with no other option but to pay attention to it. This is where most people choose to dull themselves in order to not feel the pain. Living your life the way you are meant to is easy, fun, and exciting! Sometimes these energetic blocks exist to serve and guide you and it is the resistance to them that create the pain.

Reiki has been available since the 1920’s and it is used to balance the energy centers of the body called the chakras. Imagine these chakras as revolving doors along the center of the body. When there is a block in one of them it creates a barrier to the energy that flows in and out of your body in a healthy manner. Stefanie offers these sessions remotely to anywhere in the world and usually through video chat.

Access Consciousness Bars sessions have been available since the 1990’s. In this session the practitioner gently touches 32 points on the head of the client that begin to undo all the limiting thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are associated with each section or “bar”. The Bars represent sectors such as creativity, healing, aging, control, sadness, etc. These sessions are only available in person.

The intention behind these healing sessions is to bring you peace, comfort, and insight into the changes that require your attention.

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10am - 6pm

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