Finding Peace in the Midst of Chaos

I hit a deer last week. Our car is a total loss. Miraculously, the deer crushed the front of our car and bounced off (instead of through the windshield), leaving my husband and me without a scratch. Why am I sharing this? There’s some important messages that need to be said. We are not alone. […]

Tips for Practicing Gratitude

Episode 30 – Ask Anything Topic: Tips for practicing gratitude View this post on Instagram Episode 30 – you will learn: Question: Do you have any tips for practicing gratitude on a regular basis? (0:22) Why you should start everyday with gratitude. (1:03) The various ways you can express gratitude. (1:54) Why you should be […]

The Healing Journey

After being diagnosed with thryoid cancer and Hashimoto’s disease at age 28, I found that I had to take an active role in my healing process in order to feel better. Here’s a preview about my initial discoveries in what helped me regain an active and healthy lifestyle after recovering from thyroid cancer, Hashimoto’s disease […]