What is Qigong?

Founded in Chinese principles, Qigong is a self-healing practice of aligning movement, awareness and breathwork. Qigong has been around for thousands of years and literally translates to energy work (Qi meaning vital energy, and gong meaning work or skill). This simple, yet powerful healing modality is beneficial in moving stuck energy through meridians and extraordinary […]

The Healing Effects of Decluttering and Living A Minimalist Lifestyle

There are so many benefits you can get from decluttering that are above and beyond actually adding physical space to your life. Our surrounding environments have a lot of impact on us emotionally, mentally and spiritually. If you live with clutter or too much stuff, it will affect your overall health and energetically block abundance […]

The Healing Journey

After being diagnosed with thryoid cancer and Hashimoto’s disease at age 28, I found that I had to take an active role in my healing process in order to feel better. Here’s a preview about my initial discoveries in what helped me regain an active and healthy lifestyle after recovering from thyroid cancer, Hashimoto’s disease […]