How to Stay Young

Episode 11 – Ask Anything Topic: Staying young View this post on Instagram Episode 11 – you will learn: Question: How do I stay young? (0:39) The two important factors to staying young (0:45) Keeping a youthful appearance (3:00) Links for more information: A post shared by My Natural Healer (@mynaturalhealer) on Jul 9, […]

Natural Remedies for Migraines

Episode 10 – Ask Anything Topic: Getting rid of migraines View this post on Instagram Episode 10 – you will learn: My experience with migraines and how I got rid of them (1:30) Question: Besides medication, how do I get rid of a severe migraine? (5:06) Other techniques and healing modalities to try if you […]

Changing Emotional Patterns

Episode 9 – Ask Anything Topic: Changing emotional patterns View this post on Instagram Episode 9 – you will learn: Question: I love your sessions and feel so good afterward, but then shortly after I feel like my emotions get the best of me and rebuild up. I need to learn how to let go […]

How to Ask Angels for Help

Episode 8 – Ask Anything Topic: How to communicate with angels View this post on Instagram Episode 8 – you will learn: Question: How do you ask angels for help? (0:46) My story on healing and how it relates to spirituality and communicating with the angelic realms. (1:52) Why raising your vibration makes it easier […]

Recovering from Grief

Episode 7 – Ask Anything Topic: Recovering from grief View this post on Instagram Episode 7 – you will learn: 4 techniques and healing modalities for recovering from grief – 1- Counseling with EMDR (2:05) 2- Energy healing (3:33) 3- Energy Psychology (4:39) 4- Acupuncture 4 The Mind, Grief program (6:24) Links for more information: […]

Quiet the Mind, How Music Affects Us

Episode 6 – Ask Anything Topics: Quieting the mind How music affects us Bonus GIVEAWAY View this post on Instagram Episode 6 – you will learn: How to quiet the mind (:45) How the music we listen to affects us (4:35) How water reacts to words and music (5:45) Challenge with GIVEAWAY (6:48) ✨GIVEAWAY and […]

Fertility, IVF and Mercier Therapy

Episode 5 – Ask Anything Topics: Fertility / Infertility IVF and side effects Mercier Therapy View this post on Instagram Episode 5 – you will learn: What are the challenges of IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) treatment? (1:25) What is Mercier Therapy and how this natural therapy can help your fertility journey (3:04) Links for more […]


Episode 4 – Ask Anything Topics: Addiction How to tell if you have a problem How to get help Unique challenges of drug addiction View this post on Instagram Episode 4 – you will learn: What is addiction and how to tell if you may have an addiction (1:25) Ways to get help (mainstream and […]

Tips for Anxiety and Sunday Scaries

Episode 3 – Ask Anything Topics: Anxiety Tips and Natural Remedies for Anxiety Sunday Scaries View this post on Instagram Episode 3 – you will learn: The simple breakdown of what anxiety is (1:08) 4 tools and natural remedies that help curb anxiety (1:46) How to help the Sunday scaries (5:28) Links for more information: […]

Depression, Antidepressants and Natural Remedies

Episode 2 – Ask Anything Topics: Depression Causes of Depression Antidepressants Natural Remedies for Depression In this episode, you will learn: What is depression? (:15) What are the causes of depression? (1:50) What role do antidepressants play? (5:02) What are some natural remedies for depression? (6:26) Links for more information: Jim Carrey’s interview about his […]