Ask Anything: How to Become a Healer

Episode 17 Topic: How to become a healer View this post on Instagram Episode 17 – you will learn: Question: I am starting on my own journey to become a healer and to help people. I am wondering about teachers/courses and communities where I can learn things such as alternative therapy, psychology, mind/body healing. Could […]

Ask Anything: How Does Distance Healing Work

Episode 14 Topic: Distance healing View this post on Instagram Episode 14 – you will learn: How does distance healing work? (0:48) What can be healed through distance healing? (2:45) Modalities that can be performed through distance healing. (3:45) How to find a practitioner who does distance healing. (4:45) Link for more information: A […]

Ask Anything: How to Stay Young

Episode 11 Topic: Staying young View this post on Instagram Episode 11 – you will learn: Question: How do I stay young? (0:39) The two important factors to staying young (0:45) Keeping a youthful appearance (3:00) Links for more information: A post shared by My Natural Healer (@mynaturalhealer) on Jul 9, 2019 at 11:32pm […]