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Starseed connection is a wonderfully cleansing and balancing therapy, which redirects otherwise lost vibrations on the body by correcting the vibrational state of the body. The healing modality and is intended to totally energetically cleanse the system, including the chakras and layers of energy on the body.

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I graduated from Myotherapy Collage of Utah in 1997 and I am certified in several different modalities. I have been an energy worker my whole life and have instinctively been able to move energy through my own body as a healing method for any pain I…

Queen Tourmaline is an intuitive counselor and energy reader. She specializes in helping people clear energetic clutter in order to access higher states of consciousness. She was born with many activated spiritual gifts, and has learned to cultivate…

Release that which no longer serves you … We are more than our bodies and our minds, yet these are the two aspects of self that our current healthcare focuses on. I am able to work at a quantum level with mind-body-spirit-emotions. Many times…