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Hypnotherapy is a method in which a practitioner performs hypnotherapy. It has been studied for a number of conditions. Hypnotherapy is an alternative healing method to create subconscious change in a patient in the form of new responses, thoughts, attitude, feelings or behaviors.

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Vishwas Healing Centre is dedicated to spread the holistic alternative therapies specially, energy medicines all over the world in order to ensure that it is available to everyone who wants to learn, and open a whole new universe of (spiritual)…

Cutting Edge Physical Therapy offers physical therapy, hypnotherapy, massage therapy, yoga, Qigong and Pilates in Murray, Utah.

Using proven method of relaxation we easily access our True Self, The Subconscious, Soul, Higher Self or whatever you wish to call it. This part of us knows everything about us, past present and future. It can pinpoint the root cause of any illness,…

She Gained 93 Pounds… Spending More Than $10,000 on Diets! A 43-year-old woman came into my office mad at her doctor because he was cruel, but deep down she was more disappointed in herself. She weighed 93 pounds more than she should. She had just…