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Also known as wellness coaching, health coaching is a process that facilitates healthy, sustainable behavior change by challenging a client to listen to their inner wisdom, identify their values and transform their goals into action.

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I teach about techniques to heal your mind, body and soul naturally. I have a online thyroid healing program, where I teach about finding the root causes of your condition and eliminating them naturally!

Shelby Kushma may hail from the urban jungle of Brooklyn NYC, but this nature loving yogi soon found her way to greener pastures. From Hawaii, to California, Utah & Mexico (Tulum & Playa del Carmen), Shelby has always made her life about…

Regain Health, Remember Happiness, Recognize Your Gifts

A Holistic Health Practice and website with a focus on: Foot Zone Therapy and Instruction; Nutritional Therapy; Jin Shin Jyutsu; Natural and Holistic Products, Services, and Education; and Traditional Food Preparation. I believe in doing good…

I believe in doing good wherever I can!  I’m a wife and mother and the owner of Mind Body and Sole – a Holistic Health Practice and website with a focus on: Foot Zone Therapy and Instruction, Nutritional Therapy Jin Shin Jyutsu®,…

STAGES OF WELLNESS BEHAVIOR There are a few steps to Wellness Behavior.  They are mentioned shortly below and will be described in more detailed later on in paragraphs. Subjective Perception of Vitality and feeling well Objectively described as …

Cameron Wellness Center offers naturopathy, massage therapy, acupuncture, bodywork and health coaching services in Salt Lake City, Utah.