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Welcome to My Natural Healer – A Natural Healing Resource. This website was created to help you in your own personal health and healing journey, as well as connect you with healers around the world. Please check back regularly for updates to our directory, as there will be natural healers added almost daily. In the meantime, please enjoy the content and research below. 

How Water Reacts to Words and Music

Masaru Emoto, a Japanese research scientist, began conducting experiments with water in 1994. He would collect water samples from around the world, freeze it and analyze the crystals under a microscope. He started by studying and comparing water from clean, mountain streams to city tap water. Water from mountain streams and springs formed beautiful geometric […]

The Healing Effects of Decluttering and Living A Minimalist Lifestyle

There are so many benefits you can get from decluttering that are above and beyond actually adding physical space to your life. Our surrounding environments have a lot of impact on us emotionally, mentally and spiritually. If you live with clutter or too much stuff, it will affect your overall health and energetically block abundance […]